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Talking all things social work, cats and rocket science. The Episodes Hidden away in the basement recording rooms of the School of Rock and Media, the so called… Knowledge and humility in social work: learning from past mistakes Professor Eileen Munro, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, gives a talk as part of the Centenary seminar series in Michaelmas Term 2013. Social work podcasts to support you through Covid-19 Advice on Care Act legal changes, tackling domestic abuse and loneliness and caring for yourself available in weekly Community Care Inform podcasts Position papers: The Equity Matters podcast tackles issues of equity and social justice by interviewing people outside of social work. Students can consider the topics addressed in the podcast, such as closing the digital divide , and take a position on how and why it should or should not be a focus of social work. NASW Social Work Talks Podcast.

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Doing social work is rewarding but can be tough. Practitioners are used to being blamed by the media 2020-01-15 · Podcast Assignment for the Social Work Classroom. Posted By Laurel Hitchcock on Jan 15, 2020 | 0 comments. Editor’s Note: This blog post shares information about a podcast assignment developed and implemented in multiple social work classrooms over the past year.

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The purpose of this series is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research. inSocialWork features conversations with prominent social work professionals, interviews with cutting-edge researchers, and information on emerging trends Melanated Social Work comprises four therapists and healers, who are engaged in the process of revolutionizing social work and mental health by providing radical education, holding healing spaces, and keeping culture. We support the liberation and healing of BIPOC communities.

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› The last significant work by Groucho Marx as a performer was An Evening With Groucho -- which is the  10 Jan 2019 Jonathan Singer of Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work, on the best health care podcast, discusses social workers role and social  28 Jan 2021 RSS. Social worker at crisis scene.

September 30 is International Podcast Day. Several podcasts by social workers and for social workers are featured in this excerpt from Days in the Lives of Social Workers. Listen to 136 episodes of The Social Work Podcast on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.
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Hosted by Peakon's Chief Evangelist, Patrick  The first podcast by social workers for social workers.

Mariah Andrignis, a social worker from the Downtown Emergency Service Center who contracts with the  The purpose of the podcast is to present information in a user-friendly format. Although the intended audience is social workers, the information will be useful to  You can read a transcript of today's interview at https://www.socialworkpodcast.com.
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Social Work Tutor, Matt, Tilly and Karen take a lighthearted and humorous look at issues that matter to social workers in the real world. From politics and policies  4 Feb 2021 Podcasts about Social Work, Therapy, and Mental Health · Counselor Toolbox · Helpful Social Work · inSocialWork: University at Buffalo School of  6 Aug 2014 US social worker Jonathan Singer, host of The Social Work Podcast, was an early pioneer who recognised the potential of podcasts and in time  The Melanated Social Work Podcast is hosted by four men of color within the field of social work; Josh McNeil, Marvin Toliver, Michael Grinnell, and Jesse Wiltey  Top 10 Social Work Podcasts · #1: inSocialWork · #2: The Social Work Podcast · #3: The Mental Illness Happy Hour · #4: Podsocs · #5: Social Work Conversations · #6  The Social Work Tutor Podcast Social Work Tutor, Matt, Tilly and Karen take a lighthearted and humorous look at issues that matter to social workers in the real   The Two Secret LMSW Exam Acronyms You Must Know - SocialWork.Career. These two acronyms help social workers succeed in their social work licensing exam  It Takes a Village: Social Work in Community Youth Mental Health - Ep. · Mental Health Social Work and the Great Australian Ratbag Ep. · The Dark Place: Working  The Social Work Tutor Podcast is a weekly social work podcast from Social Work Tutor and his co-host Cara. Available on iTunes, Soundcloud Spotify and  Social Work Podcast "The Grand Challenges for Social Work: Interview with Dr. Richard The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) released its 2021   These podcasts are generally rooted to one type of social work, such as counseling or homelessness, and with so many different podcasts, a professional can find  5 Jan 2021 HBR Presents is a network of podcasts curated by HBR editors, bringing you the best business ideas from the leading minds in management. The  The Social Work Podcast provides audio programs on services provided by social workers, including direct practice, human behavior in the social.

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The daily drama of money and work from the BBC. Podcast Equipment Center Our TOPPODCAST Picks Business Daily – BBC World Service Business  The Social Work Stories Podcast. Samfunn og kultur, Vitenskap 23 Feb. A podcast exploring Social Work practice through stories & critical reflection. Abonner  I didn't knew I should get spirits from heaven talking in my Podcast but in most of gold and green The apartment I got from the Social service was evil and got  12 Podcast Episodes Weekly hand curated podcast episodes for learning of Sweden's greatest ever singer-songwriters who almost became a social worker. Det finns inga mängder med poddar i socialt arbete, men de här två tycker jag är bra: The Social Work Podcast och inSocialWork. De kan också  make improvements in Health and Social care organizations. The podd focuses on coaching changes in units, departments, organizations in health and social  Health, Adolescents, Depression and the Professionalisation of Social Work Podcasts.

Top 25 Podcasts for Social Workers #1 The Social Work Podcast. The Social Work Podcast, hosted by Loyola University Chicago professor, Jonathan Singer (Ph. #2 inSocialWork®. They boast an impressive archive of over 200 episodes, dating back to 2008. The purpose of this series #3 Show About Race. The Social Work Podcast provides audio programs on services provided by social workers, including direct practice, human behavior in the social environment, research, policy, field work, and social work education. The Social Work Podcast Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW Perhaps the most renowned social work podcast, The Social Work Podcast hosted by Jonathan Singer “provides information on all things social work, including direct practice (both clinical and community organizing), research, policy, education…and everything in between 1.” The Social Work Podcast is a well-established resource for social workers to sharpen knowledge and skills, stay up to date in the field, and critically reflect on social work issues.